Breathing Meditation and Mindfulness, in just three steps.

This is a basic guide on Meditation for beginners, on breathing meditation. Blog is supplemented with Video & Podcast too.

How to build a steady meditation practice in 3 steps – Meditation Basics

There are three fundamental things you should develop if you are seriously looking forward to building a consistent practice of meditation. This blog explains them with supplements of video and podcast.

How to make Meditation a daily habit; Basics for Beginners.

How to make meditation a daily habit? Very simple three step guide, that will bring in lasting results.

Art of building mindfulness and awareness – Meditation basics

How to do Body-scanning in breathing meditation, to maintain awareness. Video / Podcast included.

How to Use Mindfulness to Discover Happiness in Unhappy Situations.

Happiness and sadness are like twin sisters, they depend on each other. Yet how do we find inspiration when we are inside the dark cloud of sadness?