How to build a steady meditation practice in 3 steps – Meditation Basics

There are three fundamental things you should develop if you are seriously looking forward to building a consistent practice of meditation. This blog explains them with supplements of video and podcast.

Art of building mindfulness and awareness – Meditation basics

How to do Body-scanning in breathing meditation, to maintain awareness. Video / Podcast included.

Be Grateful; be a Perfect Recipient of Kindness.

For the kindness to be perfect, 'receiving' is an essential aspect. These five important aspects define a perfect recipient. Blog is supplemented with a beautiful video.

How to design a supreme kindness project

Are you thinking of doing a project under the theme of Kindness? Here is a guideline for you to ensure the important aspects are covered.

How to be kind when things are going wrong

By being kind we tap into the best of our capacity as a human in heart and mind.But, when things are not going right how can we continue to be kind?

How to Use Mindfulness to Discover Happiness in Unhappy Situations.

Happiness and sadness are like twin sisters, they depend on each other. Yet how do we find inspiration when we are inside the dark cloud of sadness?

How to deal with the crippling moments of life

What can we do when we go through a sticky patch and the cloud of sadness is not moving away? This blog provides a meditation based approach.