The Kindness Code book in Amazon

Heart-warming and enthralling book.  During a time of great darkness, it serves as a candle to light the pathway to a better world.

Prof. Tim Unwin, Author and UNESCO Chair in ICT4D (UK).

In this wonderful book, Harsha Liyanage helps us understand the art and value of being kind to ourselves and others.

Torbjörn Fredriksson, Author, Chief of ICT Unit UNCTAD (Geneva).

Interesting read, very important and timely book.

Dr. Shariff Abdullah,  author and advocate for societal transformation, Commonway Institute (USA).

It is a magical pill, and a simple cure to a burdensome heart.

Binesh Toor, Avid book reader and social media activist (Pakistan).

Discover hope in uncertain times. Let simple acts of kindness change your life and the world around you.

A refreshingly insightful 3 step guide, helping you to:

  1. Ignite the positive energy of loving-kindness from simple means during daily life.
  2. Light-up kindness inside you to make you happier and productive. 
  3. Radiate kindness to others around you, transforming you into a better self with a higher purpose.

By the end, you will discover a better version of yourself; motivated, happier, and productive, driven by a higher purpose to make the world a kinder place.


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