Positive Imagination

Positive imagination is a great way to Ignite kindness. Imagination enables us to build vivid visuals in our mind without the aid of eyes. Think of how many things you have imagined without actually seeing them with your own eyes. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath & refresh your imagination. 
The sun, moon, wind, waves all are there inside your heart. 
Just pick one and be with it for a moment or two. 
How do you feel? 

Positive imagination ignites positive emotions, hence it is one easy path to Ignite kindness. 

To master Ignite, try following these steps to master the art of positive imagination. You will discover something interesting and exciting. 

  • Find a quiet comfortable place, sit and close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and imagine you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy.
  • Start visualising the things you wish to have. Your visualisation shall be through your mind’s eye. Visualise them as if they are already present as detail as possible. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. 
  • Once you are wholly immersed through this positive imagination, slowly pay your attention to the surrounding.
  • Slowly open your eyes. Now reflect on the details of the image and how you felt.  Convince your mind to believe it.

The power of positive imagination lies in the ability to visualise something vividly and the belief that it is going to manifest outcomes. To Ignite kindness, master positive imagination. 


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