Kindness as The Way of Living

Kindness Code

The three steps with two principles.

Ignite - Light up - Radiate
Kindness Code; a three-step guide to applying kindness as a way of life

The whole universe of kindness is encapsulated in this code. It is amazingly simple, yet surprisingly effective. It will guide you to develop Kindness as a Way of Life.

Step 1: Ignite
Ignite the spark of positive emotion inside you.
The feeling of joy, gratitude, happiness, satisfaction, love are few examples of the positive emotions that ignite kindness.

Step 2: Light-up
Light-up is the process through which we stabilise the ignited positive emotion. Remember a spark is swift. It comes and goes in a fraction of a second. Light-up aims to sustain the life cycle of that spark to a more extended period. It happens within oneself. Within you.

Let’s light-up the candle within you.

Step 3: Radiate
As you are holding that candle now imagine there are hundreds of candles around you, and you’re going to light each of those candles with your candle. Imagine the beauty of scaling up your kindness to light up hundreds of thousands of candles that other people are holding.

Before you move on>>>

Please note the real impact of kindness comes by applying this three-step code within a framework of two principles;

Principle 1: Be kind to you First
So, the first principle of Kindness Code is to be kind to you first.

Principle 2: Be kind to others
To elevate kindness you must radiate it to the others.

So the theory here is first Ignite kindness within you, then Light-up kindness in you. Finally, Radiate kindness by being a shining light to the others.

This cycle will continue to elevate and empower you and the entire eco-system that you are living with.

Explore the path to Happiness, Prosperity and Transcendence.

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