How to Deal with Anxiety and Fear, using Kindness?

Loving-kindness can help you to deal with Anxiety and Fear.

How to deal with anxiety
How to deal with Anxiety and Fear using kindness.

When anxiety dictates, we lose our ability to focus, lose our productivity. For instance, Coronavirus is making us anxious. When everything fails, how can we deal with anxiety and fear? Here’s how I deal with the anxiety & fear, using kindness.

Anxiety weakens immunity of our body.


Anxiety and Fear of sickness

My encounter with anxiety of viral diseases started since childhood, when I first learned about malaria during school lessons, at the age of nine. That day I returned home to recognise the pond behind my home was a notoriously polluted mosquito breeding ground. Every waste water drain ended up into that smelly pond. As a result, by every evening all the white walls in my house was dotted by thousands of mosquitoes. Back then, we did not have mosquito nets; neither did have malaria tablets. So, we just lived with mosquitoes. They were a part of life. So, we did not have any choice. Most noteworthy thing here, I can’t remember a day of having malaria. (But, I often fell sick with flu etc. probably due to that exposure into pollution).

Later in my life, I found those childhood lessons broadly supported my immunity. And also boosted my loving-kindness to tolerate even harmful mosquitoes. (Probably, you may laugh at me if I say, I never harm even an innocent mosquito. That is my loving-kindness).

Dealing with Anxiety and Fear in modern life

As I write this blog, today, Corona Virus has become such a threat to an entire civilisation. It has become a dominant force to shake nations, economies, industries and most importantly, self-confidence, in this era of scientifically advanced, information-savvy world.

In my view, the Corona episode is a perfect example of vulnerability as human beings. More importantly, this will be an opportunity to recognise that hidden vulnerability and build up a resilient coping mechanism. Clouds come and go; the challenge for us is to find silver lining in every cloud. And that is possible, as I explained in ‘how to apply mindfulness to discover happiness’.

In the context of Corona fear, I do respect and appreciate the kind effort of many authorities, governments, health workers and others who work hard to avoid Coronavirus becoming a global pandemic. I had researched a lot and shared tweets to promote medical advises as a way to support.

Regardless, many people struggle to deal with ‘anxiety and fear’ due to Corona Virus. In contrast, as I learned from my life lessons, at times like this, we have only one weapon to counter this virus; that is tapping into our mental immunity.

Fear is the immunity killer. Don’t let the fear kill you.

How do I Deal with Anxiety and Fear?

Here is how I deal with anxiety and fear.

  1. Educate.
  2. Don’t subscribe to negative news, including rumours.
  3. Tap into positive energy.


Do research and learn mainly about two things.

a). About the scientific knowledge and advice;

Let’s take Coronavirus as an example. What is this Corona Virus? (Although COVID-19 is a new strain, there is a volume of scientific understanding into Corona Virus family). What is the specific risk? What are the chances of you being affected? How to prevent? What shall you do in the unlikely event of being affected?

For instance, a lot of health-related questions are answered in this NHS – UK (National Health Service) Web page. And they are updated every 24 hrs.

b). About human power:

Our mind power is the best weapon for survival at difficult times. As I explained in my childhood experience, every threat is an opportunity to build our mental muscle. Helplessness is a profound experience to recognise the presence of that inner muscle. Discover that and do some homework to strengthen that muscle. As a consequence, your immunity will improve to support you to deal with anxiety throughout your life.

Don’t subscribe to Negative news;

Information is essential to live our modern life. But information is crippling our mind when we are not careful enough to choose the right ones.

  • Almost every news channel feeds you about the danger.

News channels are often bombarding negative news that breakdown our self-confidence. And enhance fear. Yet ample channels are providing you positive, educational, carefully curated information, too.

  • Rumours and gossips are rivers of negative energy.

We all love rumours because they provide doses of entertainment in our daily life. Majority of them are unfiltered and just feeding our curiosity and anxiety. At a time when our minds are in chaos, we lose our ability to filter out the negative aspects of those rumour mills.

  • Choose less anxious friends.

Perhaps I shall not tell this, as a promoter of kindness. Yet, truthfulness makes kindness go deeper. Among my circle of peers and friends, few become anxious with minor events in daily life. And then few stay calm like cucumber even inside storms. When I encounter emergencies, I chose to find less anxious friends. Because their self-confidence is helpful to build my own. (Note: When I am confident enough I become a source to help those worried friends).

Leverage positive energy

Unsubscribing to negative energy is like building a barrier against the wildfire. But that barrier is not enough to build our immunity. We shall expand our positive energy.

Here is my list of action:

  1. Be kind to you. Practice mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation.

Pay attention to you first. Make sure to be free from anxiety. Follow the instructions given by medical helplines. Ensure your health, safety and wellbeing both at body and mind. I would recommend loving-kindness meditation and mindfulness as the main tools to maintain wellbeing.

  1. Build a healthy community of peers and friends.

It is essential to stay tuned and maintain communication with the right group of peers and friends. That makes you feel safe and confident. So that avoid the feeling of you are alone. And also you have someone to seek help when necessary.

  1. Become an agent of help. Promote positive news.

This is the best lesson I have learned in my life. When there is a storm, you are not alone. Entire community around you are going through the difficulties that you are facing. So when I extend my hand to support them, I always find I am in a much stronger, better place.

Become an agent of helping others in need, and be the source of light (positive energy) to break their darkness. That light will light up many candles.

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