How to build a steady meditation practice in 3 steps – Meditation Basics

There are three fundamental things you should develop if you are seriously looking forward to building a consistent practice of meditation. This blog explains them with supplements of video and podcast.

Be Grateful; be a Perfect Recipient of Kindness.

For the kindness to be perfect, 'receiving' is an essential aspect. These five important aspects define a perfect recipient. Blog is supplemented with a beautiful video.

How to be kind when things are going wrong

By being kind we tap into the best of our capacity as a human in heart and mind.But, when things are not going right how can we continue to be kind?

Mindfulness is a Healthy & Happy Journey, going through Five Stages.

Mindfulness is a journey. It goes through different stages. In this blog, I have introduced five stages of that journey.

How to deal with the crippling moments of life

What can we do when we go through a sticky patch and the cloud of sadness is not moving away? This blog provides a meditation based approach.

How to Meditate on Impermanence and build a Powerful Insight

Impermanence (Anithya in Sanskrit) is a powerful buddhist concept. Here is a brief introduction to impermanence meditation.