PhD (Japan), MBA (UK), BSc (Sri Lanka)

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I am Harsha Liyanage. Kindness Code is my personal journey to build a healthy community of Mindfulness & ‘Metta’ (Loving-kindness) meditation practitioners. I am here to share the lessons learned in my pursuit of meditation practice over 25 years, drawing from East and West. In my journeys around the world (over 60 countries) serving diverse communities, I have seen the common language of kindness. Kindness brings us together. More importantly, kindness brings happiness, health, and well-being to you and the world around you. Kindness Code is a three-step guide to harness the power of kindness, adopting it with Mindfulness and Meditation, to transform you into a better person while being happier and productive. Ignite kindness – Light up and Radiate to the world around you.

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