PhD (Japan), MBA (UK), BSc (Sri Lanka)

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I am Harsha Liyanage. Kindness Code is my personal journey to build a healthy community of happy ‘Metta‘ (Loving Kindness) meditation practitioners. I am here to share the lessons learned in my pursuit of meditation practice over 25 years, drawing from East and West. In my journeys around the world (over 60 countries), I have met many people who are seeking mindfulness. I could empathise the effort and the struggle they go through. Always wanted to help them, yet I never felt that I was ready (in terms of maturity in practice) as I was progressing through various disguises in life, as a CEO, Researcher, Consultant, Businessman etc. Now I am confident and ready to dedicate myself to serve the humanity. So here my arms are wide open. Please feel free to get the best use of this kindness!


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